We had the farrier out last night to trim all three of our horses. I rushed home from work and made it in time to watch half the first horse get trimmed. Not that they need me, but I try not to miss out. He was working on Harmony’s back feet. Front shoe’s were already off. I guess they decided she would do fine barefoot for now...I hope that goes okay? She’s had front shoes on for as long as I’ve known her. She did well in a new location for our farrier, not bad considering Harmony has had her previous owner doing her feet her whole life. Wonder if it feels good not to have metal on the bottom of her feet?

Koda was a curious wiggle-worm for the farrier. He’s partial to bays, so Koda has that in his favor lol. However Nemo gets "the prize" for being the best behaved this time. I swear they trade-off!!

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JeniQ said...

I rarely get to see my farrier... He only comes during business hours - of which I'm working. Kinda sucks.