koda training update

I talked to our trainer this morning, Koda is doing great! She said he acts like he’s been at her place his whole life, just like Nemo, enjoying his lessons and happy. In reality it has only been a couple days since we dropped off Koda, with a day-long vet visit to the barn mixed in, however he is already lunging on the bit saddled etc.
I was impressed the boys got worked even on vet visit day, before they got their teeth worked on & spring shots. The place is well thought out, and runs like clockwork. We conveniently use the same vet & the timing worked well.
Patty was again very complementary of our horse’s behavior and added, she doesn’t tell everyone there horse behaves awesome. If there is a problem, she will say so. I’m sure they’ll run into some training snags, but for now things are off to a great start for both Koda & Nemo.
It’s a comforting feeling knowing we gave our boys a good foundation for her to build upon, and that we made the right decision putting them in training at Iron Horse when we did. As much as we would like to continue working with them on our own, at this point it's better for our boys. They are ready to do consistent work, and have much to learn. We can’t give them that in our current situation, nor do we have the experience Patty does. Sooo happy to be getting closer to riding regularly again!!

Side note; we are dropping off more hoof supplement for Nemo tonight, can't wait to see them!


Once Upon an Equine said...

That's wonderful. Sounds like a good plan you have for your horses.

JeniQ said...

Sounds like great progress and kudos for you!