moving on

Trailer loading plan B didn't work at all, in fact it made Koda more leary of the trailer. The only thing he learned was to stretch, and eat whatever he could reach. That wasn't fun for any of us. We tried it, it didn't work - time to move on. Now I know why our trainer said only two days.

We spent the weekend getting Koda back to where we left off - which was good, but not good enough to close the trailer door and haul him to the trainers. The stock trailer we hoped to borrow wasn't a good option, we didn't even try it. After talking to Patty we agreed and decided to use the butt rope to get him loaded in order to give us that extra time we needed to close the door, and get him up to Iron Horse for the training he deserves. I didn't want to go there, but knew it was in his best interest. She was kind and encouraging.

So where do we load Koda? Everything is covered in snow/ice, he could slip if/when resisting. Good question, everything is so slick. Brad & I agreed clearing the concrete slab near the cows was our best option. Thankfully I had done some previous work with him walking across that slab, and the cows weren't running, so it was a loading change but uneventful. Brad put the shipping boots on him, and...the butt rope worked - we got the door shut! He resisted the rope some, but not a lot - it went much smoother than we anticipated. We had used a butt rope to help load both of them early on. This time we used little to no front pressure, it helped and it worked. We stopped a couple times to check on Koda on the way up to the trainers, altho we hauled him loose with the divider out, he had his head in the manger munchin' away on his side - just like when he was tied :)

Unloading was smooth. He stopped to think when we came up to the stable entry door - saw the other horses whinny'ed and walked right in. He is in the stall next to Nemo, but um, is more interested in Willow - the girl next door. Boys will be boys.

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