breaking justice

Just got done watching Steve Boyles "Breaking Justice" segment on RFD TV in awe. What a great trainer. I've never seen a horse kick that much, makes a person wonder what that poor horse was subjected to. I was impressed with how gentle, persistent and patient Steve was - he didn't need any gimmicky training jingles lol!

I had never heard of Steve before, have you? Those of you on the West Coast probably have. Here is his website, for those who haven't www.steveboyles.com


Once Upon an Equine said...

No, I've not heard of him before. I will look for him on RFD-Tv. I seem to miss a lot of the horsemanship shows and always seem to tune in when bull riding is on. I need to get on their website and look at the show schedule and plan some RFD-Tv time. Wish I had Tivo.

aurora said...

Sunday morning is a great time to watch RFD-TV from around 6-9 am there are various good shows like Equestrian Nation, Ken McNabb, All Around Performance Horses, Rick Lamb's show etc.