take your horse to work day

Our daughter works at our vet clinic, and took Koda & Nemo to work with her. They had their teeth floated, coggins, spring shots etc. and Mr Nemo had his annual bladder ultra sound. They found he needed to be flushed, and once again extracted sediment, but did not have to break up any crystals (stones) this time. Good news. 

We haven't noticed Nemo dripping (it's tough to catch with rough board horses tho) but the ultrasound has just become part of his annual care anyways. You can read more on Nemo's unusual condition here.

I think the boys were ready to come home after a long day at the vets. It sounded like a regular barnyard when we switched vehicles and picked them up!


C-ingspots said...

Very happy to hear that your ponies passed with clean bills of health!! Good for another year.

aurora said...

We are always very thankful, especially with Nemo's rare urinary condition.

Dreaming said...

How neat to take the horses to work! It sounds like a great day for them - getting everything checked out and taken care of. Perhaps they didn't think it was such a great day, though ;-)

allhorsestuff said...

That Was Something Before With Nemo's Calcium Issue!
Happy, Truly, That He's Been Good Since The Discovery.
Yea, What A Day...Beery They Were Pleased To Finally Get Home-Sweet-Stall