Sunday Stills ~ Hand Tools

Hammers are one of the most common and oldest hand tools. Like everything, they have evolved over the years. When I asked my husband for his oldest hand tool, he gave me this hammer. I thought, a hammer? How common & boring. It's actually pretty cool tho, and very aged. As soon as I started shooting it, the memories came back. It's the one hammer I can always find, and never want to use. He has had it forever, and doesn't remember how old it is. I know it's at least 25 years old, my husband had it when I met him. It's very heavy, and meant for driving nails while framing houses. It doesn't see much use these days, but if I ever need a hammer - I know I can at least find one!!

hammer head
California Framing Hammer Head

hammer handle
California Framing Hammer Handle

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The Dancing Donkey said...

Oh I like that one, it looks like it is so ready to go out and do some work. Well done!

Eva said...

Very nice. It certainly looks like it's older than 25 years. Lovely shaped handle too.