Midwest Horse Fair 2013 ~ part two

In addition to clinicians & entertainers (review here) various competitions & events, Midwest Horse Fair draws over 500 vendors!! Just when you think you've seen them all, you pass by another and wonder how you missed it. 

We visited with our perennial favorite's, and found new ones. Including a ranch from Wyoming, attending Fair for the first time. Nice folks. We are considering them for future travel, horseback riding/snow mobile. We would love to experience the Shoshone National Forrest! Has anyone been to Crooked Creek Guest Ranch?

We purchased our annual supply of Nemo's Horseshoer's Secret at an unbelievable savings. Farm & Fleet is a local store, that offers great deals at Fair. We also picked up a gallon of ShowSheen, and a second mounting block to leave down at the farm. Shopping Fair Tip: check this vendor first before buying basic supplies, they tend to be less. A comment I've heard repeated many times, from other shoppers who wished they had.

I can't say enough good things about these two vendors: Brute Ropes and Reed Tack. We are repeat customers of both, and highly recommend them. 

This year we are trying Brute's new portable/adjustable cross ties. Our boys are trained to ground tie, but we thought these would come in handy on the road for a variety of things. We also purchased a couple more lunge ropes for the trailer. We just want to go, and not worry about what we forgot to bring. Don't be surprised if I come home with their reins next year. I really want to give these a try, but not everything comes off the wish list at once. Brute Ropes have a lot of feel, and are well made. We love their ropes!

After years of looking at Reed Tacks chinks, we finally each ordered a pair! Material costs just keep going up, we decided it's now or never. With so many choices it was pretty tough to chose, but managed with their sound advice. It's great how this duo cares about what they put out there. It's not about the sale. We look forward to their arrival in the mail, and years of use. I also had good conversation with them about my saddle woes, and am considering having Nick make me one. I have to wait on this bigger purchase, and will give it more thought.

I got a different kind of education when I spent time learning from an Oneida Indian artist, their customs and beliefs are so interesting. All patina copper sculptures, some decorated with special beads. There were a couple pieces I wouldn't mind owning, but out of my price range.

We toured the live in trailers once again this year. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing that they recognize us...not in the position to make our dream come true, yet.

We also visited with Chase Dodd, and Richard Winters at their booths. Good conversation was had with both. We waited and watch as a group of 4H kids sold Richard a raffle ticket. They were so thankful & polite, he gave them his full attention. He purchase a ticket, signed their hat & shirts - and then did something that warmed our hearts. He gave them one of his DVD's, and told them to watch it together at their next 4H meeting. Now that's what it's all about, paying it forward to the next generation. What a great guy! Follow-up Fair Tip: I discovered Richard Winters has instructional YouTube video's, and plan to spend more time learning from this great horseman!

We really enjoyed Midwest Horse Fair 2013, and all the horse experiences it offers!! Let the countdown begin for 2014!


C-ingspots said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! It's been a while since I've heard from you, so I was just checking in. Hope you're busy with wonderful life stuff and everything's alright. How's your weather back there? We were summer-like and now we're cooler with showers - much more common spring weather. I've taken Eagle to two different clinics in the last month. He made me so proud I could just bust! I'm loving this horse more every day...he's way cool!

aurora said...

Things are okay here, haven't had anything horse to share for a while. Sad to say, but true. Warm thanks coming your way for caring enough to ask :) I'll be posting an update this weekend. WI weather finally dried up, fields & flowers are being planted and sun is shining most days.

SO happy for you & Eagle!! I look forward to reading about your treasured experiences!