Sunday Stills ~ Wildflowers and Flowers

Enjoy a sample of the second wave of early spring flowers in my yard!

ruby giant crocus
Ruby Giant Crocus
(my favorite crocus. all the other crocus are done, found these still blooming in the shade)

mini daffodils
Miniature Daffodils
(4"-6" h)

early tulip
Early Tulip
(opens "flat" and closes up in the dark)

glory of the snow
Glory of the Snow
(pretty blue, easy keepers)

(potted, considered tropical here. goes outside to summer camp every year)

Enjoy more color at Sunday Stills.


Eva said...

Lovely spring collection. Colorful and pretty.

allhorsestuff said...

Those are stunning shots!
I have never seen 'Glory in the snow" before...very pretty. Must be a bulb?
Looks like you've got some bright sunshine too...good!

Ed said...

Beautiful shots..:-)

Anonymous said...

brilliant collection, especially the Clivia, wow

Strawberry Lane said...

Stunning collection! Isn't Spring just wonderful!

aurora said...

Thank you! It was fun looking at my flowers so closely. Kacy, yes the Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa) are small bulbs. We plant them here in the Fall, for a spring bloom.

C-ingspots said...

Wow, your flowers are all so beautiful!! I hope to do some more planting if I can ever find the time. I don't have many flowers in my yard, and I love them so much. You have several varieties that are new to me, but all so very pretty. It makes me smile to look at flowers!