a while, smiles, and a new camera

Driving past the farm on my way to work I saw Harmony lying down by the hay bunk again, with Cierra standing next to her. As I glanced over my shoulder, Harmony was getting up. I can't imagine she is lonely with Cierra around to pester her, then again she grew up and spent her former years in a larger herd of around 15. Is it that? missing the boys? or does she just want to be the one going? It's all a guess, based on observation. I've been thinking about her a lot lately, and her uncharacteristic behavior. I was happy to hear, that Harmony was back to her old self this morning and eager to be fed. It only took a short while.
Brad stopped at Iron Horse today, and dropped off Nemo's hoof supplement. He told me the boys are back to work. I asked if Koda looked happy. Brad's response "when I walked in Shauna and Koda were walking out of the arena, I couldn't tell who's smile was bigger". Brad asked how the boys did, and she said "they rode just like when they left" said (and taken) as a compliment. Patty is at a training seminar, we knew Shauna would be the one starting them back up again - and that's okay with us. She is a longtime Assistant Trainer, and they work very closely together. We completely trust her, she really knows her horses. It's a bummer I wasn't able to see those smiles.
Today was back to reality. I really enjoyed my time off over the holidays. Among other things I was able to get back into blogging, spend time with the family and horses, and even picked out my new camera! Finally. I've been looking at them for about a year, and wishing for a new one forever. It was worth the wait. I won't be able to get distant shots, yet. I need to save up pennies for a telephoto lens, they are sooo expensive - it's gonna be a while. I can't wait to get out in the pasture and try to capture beautiful equine moments, until then - here is my first photo attempt, which has nothing to do with horses. We have a very spoiled water-obsessed cat, who also loves sleeping on anything soft, the king of the house - Sydney. Funny how the only other picture of him on this blog is also taken on his bed, er I mean our bed.


Cheryl Ann said...

What kind of camera did you get? LOVE your cat pic...he looks so happy!

aurora said...

Thanks Cheryl Ann, he is spoiled rotten. I got a Canon 7D. I finally found someone who could answer my questions, made sense, and help me navigate the otherwise confusing options. I had planned on getting the new 60D, but switched my decision based on what I plan on shooting - which is primarily horses, a few more years of my sons Football and Hockey, and of course my gardens, and misc landscapes/travel.

fernvalley01 said...

Exciting to get a new camera! I am waiting for mine to arrive , a Canon rebel T2i!!!!

juliette said...

Congratulations on your new camera!!! I love taking photos of my sweet animals, but our camera is not too great. I have a super duper great one for taking photos of paintings, but I am never going to take that to the barn!!!
Your kitty is very cute! The more spoiled they are, the cuter they better be!
So glad to hear that Harmony is doing well and the boys are perfect in their refresher course. I bet Cierra didn't allow Harmony to pine one second more than necessary!

Rising Rainbow said...

Cats and horses go hand in hand together, don't they. LOL

Have fun with your new camera.