happy to be back

We recently spent about two hours visiting with Koda & Nemo, and of course trainer Patty. Our boys looked great! It felt so good to snuggle them. Wish I had brought my camera with me, especially when Nemo reached out to Patty and they were nose-to-nose exchanging conversation. He has so much personality.

They truly seem to be happy back in training, they sure look it. The boys are working on how they carry themselves, strengthening their top line etc They continue to progress, and haven't switched bits yet. She mentioned Koda was doing well holding the bit quietly and not bracing, but still has his days. I think Patty is trying to work through what's best for him. He can be a challenge, not necessarily naughty, making you think/work too. I can attest to that. Nemo on the other hand, in Patty's words "just does whatever we ask him to do". He has always been more willing. 

I was kinda bummed when I asked about riding, and she suggested we hold off a while longer. Sigh. It's okay tho, I know it will be better for them (and us) in the long run. It was fun to hear about the shows, and even a trail riding trip she is busy planning. Our boys will be included in the shows that fit them, and of course in the trail riding trip. It's going to be exciting!!


Jeni said...

Did I read that correctly? shows? As in you are going to show?

Glad the boys are doing good and all is well

juliette said...

Glad you got to visit them - sad you didn't get to ride. At least you got to snuggle them up!

I have an award for you over at my blog. Please don't feel obligated to do this if you already won or are just too busy!

aurora said...

Jeni, you read that right. Showing wasn't exactly my idea. My husband has been suggesting I show for many, many years. So, apparently I am going to show locally, or at least try. Talk about getting out of ones comfort zone!

Juliette, I keep the future in mind when I can't ride...it's an odd concept to be told to not ride your own horse. If it was anything like past trainers I've known, I'd have a problem with it. I whole-heartily trust Patty, it's honest and it's earned - and yes, I can't wait to ride! Thank you so much for the award, you are sweet.