girl time

With Koda & Nemo up at the trainers, Harmony & Cierra have been getting all our attention. Add a couple days where Brad has been busy at shows for work, and it's girl time! I took my new camera down to hang out with them. Us girls took a short walk together, trying to avoid the ice. Harmony with her nose to the ground, Cierra at my heels, and Barbie the resident pony tagging along.

What are you doing with that black box in your hands?
After our walk Cierra returned to her favorite spot, next to the shed - a sunny spot where the wind is blocked - and she decided to...check out her response to being scolded.

"Someone else was chewing here, I think I will too"

"It wasn't me"
See, I'm not chewing"
"I'm just resting my head, my lips aren't even open"
"I am innocent"


Jeni said...

awww she's darling! One black fuzz ball!

Leah Fry said...

I love how she's looking at you the whole time with that innocent look.

juliette said...

Oh my goodness...she is SO adorable!!!! And, she is definitely INNOCENT of any wrong doing!

Debbie Vandevelde said...


CCC said...

The innocence of youth (not).