quality time

Had a great day today, the weather was perfect - and - we spent a bunch of quality time with our boys! I couldn't believe it was 1:00pm when we got home from morning chores, needless to say we took our sweet time! We worked primarily on trailer loading, something we haven't worked on since we brought them home. We aren't in a hurry (obviously) so things went well. Koda got completely on several times and Nemo, well he stretched himself on several times lol. That horse can stretch like no other. We alternated them, tried them together, ropes behind 'em etc. and when they weren't working on trailer loading they were working on leading, listening and just plain 'ol being part of the family. They were so relaxed and loving the attention. One would think after all that time "working" they wouldn't want to do it anymore - not these guys, what a buncha sponges.

The boy that isn't into horses worked up their round pen so it could dry out, and then evened out their pasture. He had more fun then they did leading and trotting them around - complete with huge grin.

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