getting better

My Mother's Day started with what every mom wants, time with her horses! We picked up where we left off on trailer loading, it went well. Both boys got on all the way several times, altho the hesitation is still there. They also took it upon themselves to work on their knot untieing skills while waiting for their turn, however they didn't budge.

Monday we walked them separately, and further. I missed going on Nemo's walk. After finally getting home from work, I found Koda not too hyped and waiting for Brad & Nemo to return. He was happy to see me and have some company, things just keep getting better! They did well being alone this time. It was nice being able to give them undivided attention for a change. Tonight is stormy, not much going on other than feeding and wet-horse hugs. I can't wait for the day when we can all ride and explore beautiful trails!!

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