and then there was silence

Our trailer loading improved over the weekend. I led Koda right on first try, it was sweet. Nice to be the successful one for a change. We finally got Nemo to load and relax. Butt ropes on, Brad closed the doors, it got darker - and then there was silence....boy was that a weird feeling. No wonder horses find trailers so scarey. There we were, the three of us enclosed...thinking like a horse. None of us panicked, not even me ;) Of course I had an out if needed, they on the other hand had to trust that they would get one. Then I got the bright idea to try loading them on opposite sides, cuz it's good for them. Did you know one side of the trailer is completely different then the other - and where did that scary divider come from?! Switching sides turned out to be a bit of a struggle for Nemo - he bonked his head. He is just fine, but we felt bad. We ended with a full relaxed load. Mission accomplished. We'll work more on switching sides another time. Are your horses trailer side specific? After two mornings of trailer loading, I thought the boys deserved a break - so the four of us opted for an evening walk.


Jessie said...

You must have a 2 horse straight load? My horses have only ridden in slant loads, so they wouldn't have a side preference, but I do have one horse that prefers to back out, and another that prefers to turn around and step out of the trailer!

aurora said...

Yep, we have a straight load. Funny preferences!