covered in dirt

Apparently the boys decided to switch roles today. Nemo did great trailer loading (both sides) however Koda was out of sorts from the get go. He did fine, but wasn't his easy going self. He didn't like loading on the right side, or with Nemo on board/him loading while he's eating - or any other excuse he could find. We made it through, then had a little help adding a new experience to what has become our weekend trailer loading session's, a down pour. That was loud, so we didn't hang out in the trailer too long. Both boys got back on once it slowed down. I am still being reminded that someone else's horse did better loading this time - whatever, he's got alot of catching-up to do. We'll show-em up next time ;)

Tonight we gave them their first baths, it went pretty well. Koda was back to himself, and seemed to like it. He was really dirty, so I'm sure it felt good. We swear he was parading around afterwards, Colten said it's because he's a lady's man lol. Nemo on the other hand got back in the pasture and instantly looked for a dirt area - to roll - what a booger! I've never seen him roll, that's usually Koda. He wasn't very dirty before we gave him a bath, we just wanted him to have the experience, but he is now - he's completely covered in dirt!!

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Debbie Vandevelde said...

sounds like a lot of messy fun. i am just glad it is starting to get warm enough to give bathes.