horse legends

While drinking my wake me up before I go-go morning cup of coffee, I came across a horse term on All Horse Stuff blog that I had never heard before "bloody shoulders". Of course I had to look it up, I love learning! It turns out the term "bloody shoulders" is based on a legend, and an interesting one: 

"Legend has it that the dead Sheik arranged with the gods that his mare’s dedication would be commended so that forever after, any descendant of hers who was possessed of outstanding courage or ability would bear the blood stains as a mark of honour"

Photo credit: Pat Slater

Read the full legend here:


I can't help but wonder what other horse legends are out there, among others there must be some legends about Native American horses. Do you have an interesting horse legend to share??


Susan said...

That's an interesting story and one I had never heard before, or seen a horse with those markings. Ellie May, our white mule has a slight orange hue covering her back. Do you think I should contact them about it? Hee hee.

Martine said...

Like Susan, that's one I haven't heard before. Interesting... we had a livery years ago who was grey with a brown splodge on her shoulders - she had the heart of a lion & was an incredible jumper

The Dancing Donkey said...

I've never heard of that either. Very interesting.

fernvalley01 said...

very interesting!there is a legend for Appaloosas Ghost wind Stallion

Shirley said...

The only one I know of is the legend of the origin of the cross on donkeys.

aurora said...

Ellie May, love this name, and her orange hue sounds very unique.

Martine, some are unforgettable.

Dancing Donkey, I bet you would enjoy the sweet donkey legend Shirley posted.

Now that's a great Appy legend!!

I've also never heard of either the Appy stallion or donkey legend - thanks for sharing them!!