finding joy in the silver lining

These days still find us working around the resident horses, well - not really the horses, more like the owners. Koda & Nemo are the only ones in the pasture waiting for breakfast in the mornings, however evening feeding continues to present a challenge. Add four hungry resident horses/pony waiting for their humans to put them away and feed, and you get twenty-four moving feet all in the same area. We've tried many different things including feeding in the arena, much like anything, all present there own set of challenges. The horses fully know what is going on, and we've learned to peacefully work things out.

When Mother Nature added her own element (known as winter) we started feeding evening hay on one side on the floor of the shed. Much to my surprise we found joy, especially Koda. He normally mows down his food but instead buries his nose in the hay as deep as he can, and slowwwly munches, strand-by-strand, taking his sweet time...


...he's got nothing to worry about, while his humans stand guard doing some much needed work with three of the four residents. Nemo enjoys the shed feedings as well, altho he's always on guard. Not from the other horses (he know's we've got that covered) but potentially threatening noises, as he takes it upon himself to protect us all. I love that about him. It's harder for Nemo to see with three enclosed walls, and one composed of humans and horses, blocking his view. With a little convincing, Nemo settles and nuzzles into the hay as well. We have found the silver lining, as we listen to our horses peacefully eat...


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fernvalley01 said...

What wonderful moments