Sunday Stills ~ Bizarre

On my way to meet my local photography group for a nature shoot, I drove past something polar opposite. A light bulb went off, the metal sculptures I could see from the highway looked kinda bizarre to me. I've always wanted to stop, and take a closer look. I had no idea that I was about to enter into something beyond bizarre. I found an entire art park behind those roadside sculptures, with larger then life imaginary whimsical creations, built from pre-existing real things. I apologize in advance for submitting so many photos, but was captivated by the creativity, size, and downright bizarre things I found - and I didn't even walk the whole park. The facial expressions on the creatures, were wonderful - check out the Bird Band. 

Apparently, I stumbled upon one of America's Top Ten unique sites - who knew? Let's venture into an imaginary park, built from real things...where I was greeted by an enormous, imposing bug...

Juicer Bug

...I didn't hang around long to find out what this gigantic contraption zaps...

Overlord Control
...it receives information from the most famous sculpture on site, which teleports...

Forevertron, the worlds largest sculpture.
Includes a decontamination chamber from the Apollo space mission, and weighs
320 ton.

...you can watch all the action from waaaay up here...

birds eye view
...but the most intriguing things, were the creatures that were everywhere. Some were busy doing activities, and others were looking right at you...full of expression...

"what are you looking at?" said with hands on hips

hope this guy finds whatever he's looking for

golden wonder
giant golden wonder boy

cute crab, who had other underwater friends

...I couldn't believe my eyes, the best part was a 70 member strong Bird Band (no, I didn't count - I read it after my visit). It was surreal walking among these unique characters, many were taller then me with all different types of expressions...

The Bird Band was amazing

the Band Conductor, was large and in charge
this guy was around 20 ft tall, guarding the band

close up of a band member, who appeared to be having fun

...just me, surrounded by a bunch of weird sculptures...if any one of them started marching...

I ran into some weird multi-headed laughing creatures coming out of the woods
not getting in the way of this army

the sculptures had a lot to say

bug head?

this bird wasn't the only one with their head in the clouds

What do you think, are these bizarre??

I laughed out loud, when upon exiting I saw this sign....

Beyond Bizarre


The Dancing Donkey said...

That is so cool! I would love to visit someday. Thanks for sharing these, I'd never have known they existed.

threecollie said...

Impressively bizarre and wonderful too!

Shirley said...

Awesome! You get the Most Bizarre Award! Those are some impressive sculptures from some twisted minds.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Win :-D. These are awesome!!!

Dreaming said...

Absolutely incredible!

aurora said...

Thanks everyone! Finding this art was a pleasant surprise, I had a lot of fun. Many of these sculptures are absolutely huge. I'm hoping the trees gave some idea of the immense size. It was fun recognizing some of the parts used, and how the artist re purposed them in just the right spots.

Linda said...

You got some amazing bizarre! I love yard art!

WildBlack said...

Truly amazing post :D enjoyed every picture!! thanks you!

Ed said...

Excellent! Great shots, this was perfect..:-))

Janice said...

Well done Aurora...I would say you nailed it.

henrygl.com said...

thatz a bizarre world!! well done :)