short & sweet

We explored another new trail today! This adventure was close-by, at a small county park just six miles from our house. Oddly enough, I can count on one hand how many times I've been there. 

It was an easy grassy ride, with mowed paths that weaved around the perimeter of this quaint park. Much of the 3.5 mile trail was open prairie, but also included mature wooded areas.

Sound like a trail with no challenges? Au contraire. The challenges weren't the terrain, they were the encounters. Paths are shared with hikers, and dogs. From what I observed, I would have to say it's a popular dog park. Almost everyone had at least one with them.

Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times, and I am happy they were. We passed a couple of the politest dog owners on the trail that I've ever encountered. We saw several more at a distance, happily enjoying the park with their dogs, while smiling at us. The two groups we passed moved off the path, and had their dogs sit while we walked past. I would have done the same, and thanked them as we exchanged a friendly hello.

Wanna know the funniest part of the ride? Koda had his walk on almost the entire time. He decided to be the leader today, we were on forward march. 

in the lead
Koda in the lead

Maybe it had something to do with earlier events? Lately, when the trailer shows up Nemo hides. He doesn't run away, but clearly hides. Last time we pulled in he literally hid behind a tree. After Brad walks over to halter him, he's all good.

Silly boy, you are WHITE - those scrawny trees aren't going to hide you!

Nemo would rather tend to his herd in the pasture, then go to work. Koda on the other hand wants to do things, and so does Cierra. She all but puts the halters on herself. Since Nemo was "hiding", we took her instead. Loaded her up with Koda, and drove around the corner to our place. Koda has been a SUPERSTAR about loading in the trailer, it no longer requires two people. I think he liked being the experienced one.

Cierra, meet fuel tank - better then, barking dogs (kennel on the right)

Back to the ride. The picnic area's, covered shelters, evil park benches, and polite dog owners we encountered were no big deal, but I wondered how they would do with the 18 hole frisbee course the park recently installed. Made me think....while frisbee (aka disc golf) golf sounds more fun to me then regular golf, frisbees and horses really don't mix. Especially not next to each other. 

There were several groups playing, tossing frisbees not far from us. Our boys kept an eye on them, and other then one of Koda's little scoots after the first group flung one, they took it all in stride. Whoda thunk to desensitize their horse from flying frisbees? Not me. Guess we best fling a few in the pasture if we intend on riding there again, and we do. Hubby really liked the trail, and I think our horses did too. Lot's to look at, and no hills. We were the only horse riders at the park, on a beautiful weekend. 

Koda enjoying an after ride grassy treat
(hitching posts & mounting area in background)

To be honest, it wasn't my favorite type of trail. I am more of a secluded woods girl, but you can't beat the proximity. It was a good ride. We rode for just under an hour, long enough for the boys to crack a sweat - while keeping it short & sweet!


fernvalley01 said...

Nice for a change! the boys look good!

investment advisor said...

A ride is a ride. May it be a good trail or not. Its a thrill to go for a ride and let the wind blow your hair. That's the best feeling in the world.

Shirley said...

Cierra is sure looking good. I did short but not sweet tonight- we got mosquitoed out and had to turn back.

C-ingspots said...

A short ride is certainly better than no ride, right? I agree with you about open vs wooded trails - for me, I like seclusion because the horses usually relax and so can I. Plus, what better smell is there than a wooded forest trail in the heat of a summer day? Love it!! So proud of Koda for being such a brave boy!! I could tell from your pic that he was up and ready for most anything.