all at the same time

I put my camera on auto, showed my non-camera guy how to use it and put my focus on Koda. This is what he found on the other side of the lens...

After realizing Koda wasn't going to move faster then a walk without a little more ask, I start picking up the lunge whip while doing the latest move, said to improve balance, break concentration and make you look silly - all at the same time...

the stork stance

well, I look like crap, but hey - my horse looks good moving out

changing directions, his other good side

...you know what they say, practice makes perfect...

doing the stork stance again, while dragging the whip -and- maneuvering a barrel

I really dislike getting in front of the camera, but I can't get mad at the guy holding it - after all I asked him to take our picture. I forgot to turn off rapid fire, let's just say he took advantage of it. I wanted to see what we look liked working together on the ground, mostly because I am lunge-challenged. He did a pretty good job, and found out the photo thing is fun. 

When you get on the other side of the lens, be prepared to get caught doing less then attractive things...like squinting in the sun while making a painful looking clicking sound, said to encourage movement, make you sound cool and look like your sucking a lemon - all at the same time...

my horse is still listening well, and more importantly having as much fun as I am

alternating between poles & barrel

...you might even get caught telling your horse what a good boy he is, said to melt your heart and make you smell really good, all at the same time...

I love you Koda

...and if all that wasn't enough, you might even get caught being admired by your fan club, said to make you feel popular and needed, all at the same time.

Is it supper time yet?


Shirley said...

You're funny! We all know the stork stance is all about stepping over the lunge line- wouldn't want you tripping! Koda sure is beautiful, and your place is really nice.

C-ingspots said...

You don't look like crap! You look absolutely lovely, and Koda is sooo handsome!! I love that you love your horse...makes me smile! :) And, I'm thankful that your commentor, Shirley explained that stork stance, because I didn't have a clue. Looks like a great place to work your horse, nice footing. Ours is full of rocks and weeds no matter how much we till it up. Thinking one of these days, sand tilled in would help. Glad you're having fun!!