sharing your human

Sharing your human is tough. Nemo doesn't particularly like it, but he is tolerating it fairly well. He stands at the fence, watching his human's every move with that "other horse". Waiting. He know's his human loves him, that he has to share, and his turn will come. Nemo get's restless, it's so hard for him to wait. While Brad is occupied, he frequently comes over to see if Koda will share me...he's a pretty good brother, and does.

what's so special about her anyway
Nemo likes Cierra, it's hard not to. She's one of those horses who doesn't give you much choice, and quickly wins you over. He would rather not share his human, unless of course the trailer shows up, then she can have him - but only for a little while.

I'm coming too
We've been mixing it up by working with our horses at the farm. Not just load and go (trail riding). Lately Nemo has been wanting me to groom him, which is unusual. It's never been one of his favorite things to do. Now I have to shoo him away until it's his turn. His beautiful multi color mane has finally grown out somewhat, yet remains on the short side. It really doesn't need brushing, but I do it anyways. I personally am enjoying getting closer to the big guy.

one unique soul


fernvalley01 said...

JOhnny io snot a big fan of sharing me either,but my old girl Catana got downright offended. I had her saddled for my sister and I was going to ride Richie, well ears pinned and looking like it would be a "Come to the faith meeting" if I let them get close

allhorsestuff said...

That is so neat! Nemo is such a love...and transparent. Chuckled big about the trailer.

Adore the shot of Brad with both horses. Loved reading this horse love tale~:)

Shirley said...

Nemo sure has a nice face and some pretty unique eye make up. He's stylin'! They are all such personalities, every one different.