'tis the season, for white hairs

No, not mine. The white hair's showing up this season are Koda's, in patches, and in area's I've never seen before. It's a bit concerning, but I was reassured they were old hair follicles growing out while a new winter coat grows in. I too can see the two-toned hair, darker closer to the body and white closer to the tip. What is odd is there are new patches of white hair that I've never seen before....however, the hair growth is similar and looks like this:


Koda had one spotty patch on the left side of his withers, which disappeared. Now he has a larger & denser matching set on either side. Saturday I noticed a new, old looking, patch the size of a quarter in the girth area. Must be a rough spot in one of the girths used. The pads and girth are, and have been, neoprene. I love them, but maybe that too needs to be adjusted.

It was determined last Spring the white hairs were caused by pressure, resulting in restricted blood flow that damaged the hair follicles. That sent us on a long journey of reassessing, that has been ongoing since the discovery and rider launching, last Spring. As you may know the saddle/pad fitting continues, and apparently so do the white hair patches. Since then Koda has had massages, been checked out and refitted numerous times, among other things. His body appears to be changing once again this year, he's a growing boy.

The white hair reappearance brings a renewed focus, and realization that he is once again tight in his withers. The white hairs were one of several signs (and things) that are keeping us guessing. The latest suggestion is to call a Chiropractor/Vet, just to be sure nothing is being overlooked. Must be hard(er) with a white or light colored horse. It seems to never end...

Have you experienced similar, seasonal white hair? Did you do anything other then the above to resolve it?


juliette said...

That is weird. I am sure someone will answer with what is going on. Foggy has one little similar patch but it is more yellow than white. Foggy's wasn't there when he came, but it grew in - his looks like a birth mark.

Wolfie said...

Have you heard of Birdcatchers?? From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_markings) "Birdcatcher spots are small white spots, usually between 1 mm and 1 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter. It is not yet known what controls their expression, although it is believed that they are not genetic. Birdcatcher spots occur in many breeds. These spots may occur late in a horse's life, or may occur and then disappear."

fernvalley01 said...

I would follow your gut on this , If you think he needs to be checked, check him. Is Koda and Appaloosas as well as Nemo?

aurora said...

Interesting about Foggy's mark, I wonder if it will change?

Yes, I have heard of Birdcatchers - very interesting.

Koda is a solid Appaloosa, or was solid. I am curious to see what transpires.

Allison said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog! Shyloh, my Haflinger has white hairs mixed in with all her other hairs, and she is chestnut. I always wondered what that was, so this post was interesting to me.