my horse is learning the alphabet

Last night during our lesson at Iron Horse, I was merrily loping along - when something felt odd. I glanced over my right (inside) shoulder and saw my horses hip sticking out more then the usual. I looked forward, my horses head was straight - we were going straight, huh? I stopped. 

Trainer Patty asked "What's wrong?". " Um, that was weird, what the heck was Koda doing? His hip was sticking out" " Really...which direction?" "To the inside, like this" as I made a shape with my hand - and that's when allll the happiness broke loose! Koda earned huge praise from our Trainer, she was giddy and overcome with joy.  Those who know her well, can relate to the sound of her honest happiness.

Apparently Koda has learned the letter U.

She explained it's a higher level gymnastics move that is hard for them to learn, and even harder to teach. It builds on the foundation of teaching horses to move their body sections separately, for many different types of movements. Pretty exciting, altho I have no idea what I did that got him started spelling - but I'll find out. Until then, my horse knows more of the alphabet then I do!


Shirley said...

It sounds like you and Koda are coming along fine and that he is being responsive to you. The hip-over is usually in response to your leg pressure; when loping, one of your legs will be a little more forward matching the lead your horse is on, and your other leg will be a little further back, which controls the hip of your horse. It's fun to play around with that. I like to put my horse in the "U" at a walk, and ask him to sidepass into the same direction as his body is curved.

fernvalley01 said...

well done.and great explanation Shirley

Wolfie said...


juliette said...

Very interesting and well done Koda and you!