competitive trail riding

Watching the Ultimate Horse Challenge at Horse Days sparked a conversation with Trainer Patty that had more or less been "put to bed". She knows us pretty well and thinks we would really enjoy Competitive Trail Riding, and so would our horses. A very different level then the Ultimate Horse Challenge, altho both include trail-type obstacles.

We've been entertaining the idea of Competitive Trail Riding, or Ranch Horse shows, since last spring but just haven't felt ready - especially since my confidence got derailed in May. However the summer passed, and we've continued progressing. We have agreed to try a Competitive Trail Ride this month as a "buddy" of one of Trainer Patty's clients that competes in them. It never stops amazing me how nice horse people are.

Here are some photos of the two obstacles that competitors had the most difficulty with at the Ultimate Horse Challenge:

The Weighted Ring Pulley
Riders need to hook a ring attached to a rope.

Pulling waaay back

successful ring catch

Water Crossing
Riders need to cross the tricky water obstacle.
Our daughter filled it, and said it was plywood with holes in it so water would splash up.


successful crossing

We are pretty excited to try something new! My only goal is to simply do the ride. I can pass on any scary obstacles, or ones where I know I am doomed - like water crossing. We read-up on some potential obstacles and most sound do-able. Neither Brad nor I have ever jumped our horses, so we gave that a shot at our last lesson. It went pretty well, altho I chickened out on the higher of the two jumps. Maybe next time? We'll get two more practice rides in before the event. Should be fun!!

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Ohhh Have fun!!!!!