white river national forest

Our first full day in CO found us trail riding up at our friends ranch, absolutely priceless! Got to ride my favorite ranch horse Shadow. She is used sparingly since she is 26, altho she doesn't know it - or show it, other than the need for a few extra breaks. Fine with us, gives us more time to soak up the breathtaking views. She was so happy to get out on the trail, what a workhorse - you have to hold her back. We had lotsa fun bush-wacking off the beaten path, cantering on the flat part and good laughs while moving a few large fallen branches - it was a great time. We are forever greatful we get to spend with them, and truly enjoy our special rides.

My favorite part is riding through the absolutely beautiful aspens, it's surreal. Your surrounded by them, with the sun shining through the tree tops - it's simply magical. We beat the sheep their this year (they mow everything down) so the aspens not only looked beautiful, they smelled great too! Cow Parsnip blanketed the area, along with some areas of moonkshood, wild geraniums and other wild flowers. If your ever in the area, be sure to take in a beautiful trail ride at Vail Stables it's well worth it.

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