leaving colorado

Our last day was spent at the ranch, one more trail ride made leaving Colorado a little easier...there is nothing I would rather do. Good friends, good horses, surrounded by beautiful scenery, add a sprinkle of funnies - makes for a perfect ending to a memorable trip. I rode Trevor's roping horse Penny this time - wow is she fast! Rode her last year too, guess I forgot that about her (duh). What a good girl, altho not the smoothest going down steep inclines (can't have everything). After we got back down I was asked, do you still like her? Yep, without hesitation - Penny is fun to ride! The last incline we went down completely cracked me up. I swear at one steep point I was shifting more side-to-side than moving forward lol. It's great fun to ride so many different horses, the ranch has every shape and size and temperament. On other rides I chose Leonard, a huge black gentle giant draft who is extremely sweet - but waaaay too slow for me (what the hell was I thinking?) and Gravy a dapple grey draft cross - a good boy.

Every year finds us spending more time up at the ranch, and doing more things - which we love. This year we helped finish clearing their new trail, keeping them clear is a never ending job for them. I'll try to snag a photo from my daughter from this trip, if not post one from a previous year.
I left my big 'ol camera at the ranch so I could completely enjoy the rides. After seven years lets just say I've got a few I could share, along with many special memories.

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