another exciting night

Tonight turned out to be another exciting "saddle lesson" night, guess who lunged both saddled horses for their second time - ME! Doesn't take much to make this girl happy, altho I know someone who would beg to differ ;) First time I've ever lunged Nemo, an interesting time to start...but he did awesome for me and figured out all my non-perfect cues right away.

Koda seemed a little stiff at first, loosened up and got into the groove in no time - he was such a good boy tonight. He also did everything he was asked, no sign of a pogo stick. I think it really helped that Brad did some light lunging with both of them prior to handing them over to me (who knew?). He introduced a new directional change to the boys, which they both got right away. Pretty darn good for 2 year olds, if you ask me.

also wormed them and gave them a salt block, maybe they'll stop licking us/everything? We have a wellness vet visit scheduled Friday, should be interesting?!

Enjoy the photos from tonight. Koda's went first, Nemo second - he anxiously awaited his turn and was caught on camera with a goofy close-up!


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