last show of the season

There hasn't been much to post about, unless you want to hear about our horrible weather. The past few weeks can be summed up in two words: rain & floods. Better said, historic flooding. The water destruction is sad. No one around here is prepared for flooding, and not insured for it. People have damaged & lost homes, business and even lives. In the middle of a Midwestern city. Whodathunk? Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be over yet. The flooding isn't very far from us, 15-30 miles north & southThankfully it hasn't affected us personally. 

Much of what has been taking up our time lately is outdoor maintenance. No major barn updates to share. We have gotten more work done inside our house. Pantry shelves are up, along with additional closet shelves. Half the toilet paper holders are now up too, important stuff. Lol!

As for horse related news, Brad & Cierra just finished competing in their last show of the season (yesterday). The AQHA WI State competition was stiff. Ranch classes were some of the largest of the show. Open Ranch Riding had 17 on the second day. The judging however was pretty bad in general, especially the first set of judges. I can't hardly stand to watch anymore. If it wasn't for supporting Brad, I wouldn't! You know the judging is whacked when a rider is placed at both the top & bottom of the same class. It happened consistently, with different riders. I know it's all part of it, but no thank you.

What counts is that Brad is happy with his progress, and with Cierra's. I feel differently about hers, but regardless they make a great team. His progress is amazing, such a different rider. It's been fun watching him develop over the years. 

Cierra is so sweet, absolutely love her. I haven't seen her since early summer, and still she left her hay to give me an intentional kiss good-bye.

I posted ride video's below, if you are interested. Different patterns, different days. Brad & Cierra also competed in Ranch Conformation, don't recall their placings other then they were all over the place. 

Day One Amateur Ranch Trail (placed 4th, 4th and 6th out of 9)

Day One Amateur Ranch Riding (placed 6th, 8th, and 9th out of 9)

Day Two Amateur Ranch Trail (placed 3rd, 6th, 7th out of 12/13)

Day Two Amateur Ranch Riding (placed 7th, 7th, and ? out of 15)


Linda said...

Sorry about the flooding. That is just crazy. We are finally having perfect weather here--and less smoke.

Yes, something is whacked if a rider can be both at the bottom and top!! Where are the objective measures? That's kind of scary and discouraging. You like to know specifics when you work so hard. I think they look awesome! I would like to do the same competition with Tumbleweed someday if all works out.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's just crazy weather you're having. We're having the worst summer weather too. If it's not in the 90's with high humidity it's raining.

Liked the videos. Looks like fun competitions. Brad and Cierra look great together. I'm happy for them that they did well and enjoyed themselves.

And yes...toilet paper holders are key to a happy home!

aurora said...

Yes, the flooding in Southern WI is unreal. We are way above historical water levels. It is pouring rain as I type. Bridges are out, and some highways never reopened from two weeks ago - and we are getting dumped on again. They say the flooding will be worse this time, because the water is already above capacity. Our dams, city sewer systems and waterways aren't meant to handle this much water. Nothing like massive wild fire destruction, but terrible in it's own right.

Linda, there are sooo many rules and it's all subject to interpretation. In general "the ideal ranch riding horse should have a natural ranch horse appearance from head to tail in each maneuver" Ranch Riding is a newer discipline, so it's evolving. If you want to learn more specifics for the future, here is a link to the 2018 rules: https://www.aqha.com/media/23622/aqha-rulebook-february-27.pdf Ranch Riding is section SHW416, pages 130-136.

I have been told it's judged differently out West, and classes are huge (40 plus). I think the Midwest is catching up. You don't see as many Pleasure Horses/All Arounder's entering it anymore. I have no doubt judging is a difficult job. I've thought about judging, knowing I am a fair and impartial person. However, my learning curve would be immense. Plus the travel etc. I wouldn't do the system any justice, especially at this level. So I really shouldn't complain. It just frustrates me, and I'm not even showing!

Shirley said...

It seems so odd to read about the flooding when we are in a drought. We have had minimal rain for the last 3 months.
The judging aside, those were some pretty good rides. A little work on her turnaround and more softness in her back up and his scores will go up. She has lovely lead changes and lead departures! And an overall willing attitude. Lovely mare. Kudos to Brad for getting out there and showing too. And Brad's shirt colour is perfect on her.

aurora said...

Thanks Shirley. You caught the key area's that need improvement, revolving around softness. Brad is pretty new to showing. Most everyone competing has gobs of experience. He is working hard at slowing and softening communication, and releasing nerves. Yes Cierra is very capable in every way, IMO that sweet girl just needs a different approach to progress. Brad is getting closer to being that change for his girl. It was such a busy year, I am so proud of him for sticking to his dream!

This year the judges seem to favor the finer boned, quick moving, hot reining type horses. In part the riders that can handle horses like that, are very good seasoned riders. I heard the judges are being encouraged to focus more on horse movement and less on how an obstacle is executed.