little dents

The decision was made to outsource our first crop of alfalfa. Yes, we actually have crops...I think that makes us farmers :)) okay, okay so I am just a wanna-be, but thankfully my hubby isn't! I just nod, smile and say "yes dear, that sounds great"!!

The guys relocated some big wooden support posts randomly left in the middle of a field, that was no easy task! The posts now connect to some nice fencing that we plan to keep. The wire had been cut where the land was divided & left blowing in the wind, not anymore! We will eventually have to add a lot more fencing, but it's a good place to start.

I got my first quick riding lawn mower lesson and was sent to figure the rest out while mowing "the loop". The loop is a pre-existing path that borders one of the fields, pictured above. It's pretty and I can't wait to ride it with Koda, instead of John Deere. When all we owned was a push mower, I was the lawn mower of the household. I used to love the outdoor exercise! As soon as we got a riding mower, I lost my job. Looks like I have it back, minus the exercise. However, there is plenty of other exercise to be done on the land!

We all worked together on clearing an overgrown island that jutted out into the field, this time I wasn't the one working on foot. The riding lawn mower & I are going to get along just fine :) I should have taken before & after photos, what a difference a group effort and an hour makes!! 

We left our son piling more endless logging debris among the strips, while Brad & I headed to the pines. We are going to have one helluva bonfire (s) someday, or better said some weeks. It's all still hard to believe...we are starting alllll over, from scratch!! I try not to dwell on the enormous projects we are and will be undertaking, it's too overwhelming! I know things will eventually fall into place little by little, in good time. 

On the way to the pines, I got absorbed just looking at all the trees. Some are magnificent...

...others are odd...

We hauled a ladder into the woods and a really tall yellow pole, in hopes of seeing each other better. It helped most of the time. We climbed up the ladder, down the ladder, moved the ladder, back up the ladder, held the pole, waved the pole, moved the pole, chain saw on, chain saw off...and barely made a dent. It was exhausting.

Brad taking a break
with a birds eye ladder view

We are trying to make some trail paths in the pines, around the big trees and within our property markers. There are a couple nice wide paths that do exist, but they don't connect. Yet.
Guess what time it is? It's the weekend again, time to head back to the woods...where every little dent gets us a little closer to the dream.


Shirley said...

Is that odd tree a birch tree? Because if it is that might be a big Chaga fungi on it- very medicinal and cancer fighting.
Hey- I got a very welcome surprise in the mail today! *grin* Check my blog.

aurora said...

It does look like a birch Shirley, will look closer when we are up there this weekend. I've never heard of Chaga fungi, will look it up either way. So glad you got your surprise, heading over to your blog next!

Grey Horse Matters said...

You're making a lot of progress! You'll be trail riding before you know it.

fernvalley01 said...

wow! gorgeous area! nice to see that hay crop already too