let the field work begin

Our family is SO excited about having land!! If you missed the reveal, you can find it hereWe are trying to wrap our heads around what needs to be done and what takes priority...we decided a used lean green utility machine, was a good place to start. 

checking out another rare find

My boys are like kids in a candy store. They are over the top happy to be farming again!! Once it's in your blood, it's there forever. Somebody has to be the voice of reason, that somebody is me. After much consideration, it only made sense to bring the little beast home. Friday night after work, we picked it up. Brad's joy was made even greater by our son's enthusiasm. He got to drive it home, with dad's watchful eye.

You can bet we put it to work right away...

hooking that baby up!

round one, of many

watching our son, with pride

walking, walking and more walking

one of many fences to be removed

We all took turns driving the tractor lol, even me. Our new neighbors must think we are nuts!! This city girl learned to drive a tractor, or at least I tried. I've never plowed a field and have only driven a tractor once before, briefly when I was a teenager. Just a few years ago ;) I've got a lot to learn...good thing I've got experienced teachers.


Shirley said...

How far from where you currently live is your land? There is nothing like driving a tractor and working your own land.... well maybe except building your own riding arena so you can train on your own land!

aurora said...

Our land is about 30 minutes away from where we live now. Agreed, it will be so nice to have our own arena! In the meantime, I can't wait to ride the property with the other kind of horse power!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't know what it is about big machinery but it is fun to use it. Especially when you know what you're working towards and can see the dream become reality bit by bit!

aurora said...

Hopefully when the newness wears off a little, I will get to use the machines a little more! For now, it's just as fun watching my family in all their glory!!