before the snow fly's

We always have plenty of help for our annual fall clean-up...

(nemo & cierra) can we help?

(nemo) are you SURE that thing won't eat us

...altho we work a little slower...

(koda) fresh cut wood smells soooo good

(nemo & koda) is any of this edible?

(cierra) it smells good, but I can't get it to move

...when our help does the funniest things...

(koda) where's the on switch?

...to make the pasture a safer place...

(koda) clear space

...before the snow fly's. As the weather changes, our riding opportunities fade and the reality is we spend less time with our horses. My hope is to continue riding, even if occasionally, after the snow fly's. I've never ridden a horse in the snow, this just might be the year I try that for the first time. It could happen.


Dreaming said...

Your pictures are wonderful. The last one tells the tale of a long day spent cleaning up. For me, work like that is very pleasing as I can really see the results. I think that's why I like cleaning the paddock each morning!

aurora said...

I treasure these days, and really enjoying taking care of them as well.

fernvalley01 said...

Great pics and great helpers! Nemo looks so elegant in that first shot

Shirley said...

I sure like Koda's colour.
Helpful horses, aren't they?
I love riding in the snow, I usually go bareback, and just walk, although sometimes if I know the footing is good under the snow I'll let Beamer canter a little.

Jeni said...

Love the photo-mentary. =)