Sunday Stills ~ Light Painting

Interesting challenge, Light Painting. I have had happy Light Painting surprises upon occasion, but I've never done this on purpose. I shot some new, and included a couple of my favorite from archives.

My favorite Christmas decoration, a Star.
It hangs on the outside of our house. My hubby made it for me, years ago when we couldn't afford an overpriced decoration. He surprised me with something better, a homemade star that twinkles so pretty!

Christmas Lights on our house

love, written with the moon
Written with the moon

Drill Team 2
My daughter riding Harmony in a Drill Team
(2009 Archive)

Drill Team
My daughter and Harmony flying, in a Drill Team
(2009 Archive)


SpinnerGal said...

Cool pictures. I especially like the first one. Looks like a cross.

Shirley said...

You did really well. I like that you wrote with the moon; I tried to do that but it was a dismal failure.

Ed said...

Very cool, love that blue lights pic..:-)

aurora said...

Thanks all, it was a fun challenge.

Shirley, I was actually trying to write my name - and gave up since I only managed one letter in it, the O. The V was suppose to be a U. Then I realized if I flipped the L and E, I had a word!

I find it interesting that the moon shades of white, and the blue sky, are so different. I was standing in the same spot, same settings, when I shot these four pics of the Moon.

Dreaming said...

How incredibly cool! I haven't seen 'light painting' before, so it was fun to see all of your examples. I can't decide which I like the best. The lights outside your house are very appealing... but the "LOVE" with the moon is so much fun!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting - I'm thinking the wool that Courtney sent begs to be made into socks. I've only knit one pair of socks before, so I'm thinking I'll take a class and knit the socks with the Alpaca/Leicester wool with 'adult' supervision!
Have a good day!

aurora said...

Wool socks sound soft and warm. Funny on the adult supervision, you have such a great sense of humor Dreaming!

Firas said...

That what you made with the moon deserves special appreciation : )
Great idea of Love painted in moon-light.How can it be better than that!