case of the missing pan

Four horses, finds us needing three pans and one pan-in-tire.  This past week we've had to go pan hunting, and improvise. The pan-in-tire is easy to find. One or two of the pans are never far, but one pan in particular goes MIA on a daily basis. We've lost it for days at a time. Nemo, our neatest eater, has graciously agreed to eat out of a bucket - perhaps out of guilt? Our daughter claims he is the culprit, and has seen him play fling-a-pan.

After days of looking hubby finally found the MIA pan down by the woods, um no graining going on down there! We pick the pans up most days as soon as they are done munching, but some mornings it's feed and run. When evening chores roll around, it's dark all over again and lately it seems we just can't find that one pan. 

It's gone again. The ground is white, the pan is black, the pasture isn't huge - where could it possibly be hiding? We walk the pasture, and end up pan-less. Now, at a distance those black pans are easily mistaken for piles of poop, but really how far can one pan go?


Dreaming said...

How far can one pan go? That's easy... as far as the horse wants to take it and toss it! We don't have problems with pans, now, since we have feeders securely (?) bolted in the corner of the stall. But... we used to have traveling pans. Oh, and then we had the flying saucer smooshed pan - Pippin often pawed his pan, hoping he could find more grain. Then he'd flip it over and stand on it.
Gee, you'd think that if the horses wanted food they'd learn to leave their dishes alone!

fernvalley01 said...

You would be amazed Phoenix plays with his, steady.Throws it in the air and a fair distance too