ride my horse

My new years goal is the same as last years, ride my horse. That's it. Might sound too simple for some of you. For me it's a challenge. Time, location, weather conditions and dependency constantly get in the way. It's a goal that while achieving, makes me feel fulfilled in sooo many ways.

Come to think of it, I've had the same goal for several years now. I'll never forget the look on our friends face at a New Years dinner when asked what my goals were for the upcoming year, my answer was "ride my horse". Of course that year, it had yet to ever happen - but that's beside the point. After jaws closed, "goals" were added for me "and see your son (fill in the blank) and...." um, no - those are expectations, not my goals. The subject was quickly changed, and interestingly enough our friendship has distanced. They don't get it, not to mention our values are very different. My goal was achieved that year, as it has been in subsequent years. It was the first year I ever rode Koda, and I'll never forget it. The feeling of riding ones very own horse for the first time, is beyond words.

Sure I would like to lose weight, change careers, write a book, finish scrapbooks, make more jewelry, make more cards, get back into fine art, clean the basement, re-do my zillion gardens, do more photography, organize everything, fix up the basement, etc etc etc - but those that know me, know I am into too many things and setting these as yearly goals, would be self defeating. I still intend on achieving some of these things this year, but truly my goal for the year is simply to ride my horse.

Perhaps setting more concrete steps would help, like learning to drive the trailer. I could load Koda and take him up to Iron Horse or wherever, to ride on those occasions when hubby can't/isn't interested. That would surely help squeak a few more rides in. I would also like to take lessons, I miss so many things about them. However that's complicated, and may or may not involve riding my horse.

It bugs the crap outta me to have such capable horses as pasture pets. I haven't ridden since black Friday, yep that's late November. It was 41 and beautiful yesterday - that's a heatwave for a WI winter. No riding for me, it's dark before I even leave work in the winter. Maybe not riding is the norm for rough board around here, but I don't have to like it. Thankfully the weather and situation will eventually change. I will look forward to achieving my goal, one ride at a time. Wishing you all safe rides in 2012!


nikki said...

That's my goal for the New Year as well. I've kept my goals simple this year and only have 3 that I want to accomplish. The fewer you have, the more likely you are to succeed, right?

Jeni said...

I agree you friend didn't get it. I've made changes in my life to allow me time to ride. I shifted my work schedule to going in earlier, so I work 7 to 4 now. Now I don't have a heck of a lot of day light left but it's enough to squeeze in 30 minutes.

I also moved the mares to a partial care place, which means I have to be there daily to clean my stalls. She has a mercury light over her outdoor arena.

At previous places I bought those portable outdoor lights. LIke big flood lights to be able to ride evenings.

I hope you are able to work it all out.

Shirley said...

If you can't ride right mow, maybe it's a good chance to learn to pull the horse trailer. It isn't that hard if you remember to accelerate slowly, take lots of time to slow down and stop. I'll give you a tip for backing a trailer; assuming this is a bumper pull trailer, when you are backing (always use your mirrors!) if there is too much trailer on the left, turn the steering wheel to the left. If there is too much trailer on the right, turn the steering wheel to the right. It's a real simple concept and will have you backing like a pro in no time!
Being able to haul your horse and not have to depend on others- you'd be amazed at how much more riding you will do. I've been waiting for my husband to rig my truck out to pull for a year now; I finally had a meltdown and now he's getting it done- YAY! More riding and trail rides with friends- double YAY!

fernvalley01 said...

Sucks when work and responsibilities cut into our time with the horses. The days will be longer soon , and the footing beeter I hope I too feel sad that they are out there unsused . esp Johnny , he is always so eager and willing

C-ingspots said...

I totally agree with you that setting too many goals/resolutions, whatever you want to call them is counter-productive. I have so many things that I'm supposed to do, want to do, etc that I do none of them well, or sometimes at all. Overwhelming! And like you, I work full time and it's dark before I leave, add on everything else that has to be done, I have no energy left, or time in which to ride. Sucks! Because the only thing I think about all the time is riding my horse...and I've done very little of it in the past 2 years for one reason or another. My age, my having gained weight and feeling so much less athletic than I used to feel leads to a lot of fear that I never used to have to deal with. All I want to do this year is ride my horse too. And I know the only way to work through my fear issues is to push through them and "just do it". I find singing and praying works too...helps me relax and remember to breathe, which ultimately helps relax my horse. Cause when I'm nervous, they're nervous. Vicious cycle. Drier, warmer and longer days are coming. I'm going to find someone to give me some lessons with Eagle for a while. I still haven't gotten brave enough to get on him, but soon. I have to. Hope you listen to your inner wishes and do what's important to you. Here's to a lot of riding in 2012 for both of us! Cheers!!

Dreaming said...

I'm just like you. There are tons of things I could put on a goals list... but I'd rather just do right by my horses. I liked Shirley's suggestion of using this time to practice with the trailer. Her tips were helpful too. I was taught to put my hand on the lower part of the steering wheel and steer the way I want the trailer to go when backing up - which more me is the hardest thing. So, with my hand on the bottom, if I want the trailer to go right when I back up, I move my hand to the right (the top of the steering wheel is turning as if you were going left).
Good luck!