life is hard

I've been somewhat absent from blogging, for no particular reason. Busy? Yes. Still transitioning additional work responsibilities, which included travel to the "windy city" for a couple days. Nothing horse to share? Yes. My horse time is limited at best, chore related and savored on the weekends. WI is less then pretty with it's early darkness, gray days, mud and bare trees? Yes. Doesn't inspire me to take photos. In fact, I've taken none. I've popped into the blogsphere occasionally to catch up with other blogs, reminding me why I blog in the first place. To share and experience horses with other aficionados, the good and the sad.

Tears filled my eyes for 50+ Horses has suffered an unexpected loss, and now faces a hard decision. Take a few minutes to visit her, and share. Life has been hard. After sending my heartfelt support, it spurred conversation at our house. 

First came my concern, with our own horse living situation. Altho dynamics have changed within our herd, I'll never trust Old Man again. Who knows when he could decide to strike out, and unlike our horses when he does his intent is to injure. Nemo now herds him around, but Koda is still on the "out"...I'm glad my horse is smart. We've made what adjustments we can, mainly feeding earlier and later. Other then chow time, when the residents get turned out they've become a relaxed herd of six (four are ours, two are not). It's an odd pecking order, that rotates. Koda moves the pony & Cierra, and both of them move Old Man. Whatever, as long as it works and no one gets injured.

Harmony is doing better. The gradual turnout time seemed to work, and her girl took her horse to work one day (she recently started working at our vets) for an Electrotherapy treatment. She is so happy to be back out with her herd full-time. The ground is so hard and uneven, hoping for no set backs. So far, so good. We took apart the makeshift stall, and opened up the rest of the walk-in. Just in time, winter arrived this weekend.

Next came, what would we do if the un-thinkable happened. What if one of our horses changed demeanor and intentionally injured another? I hope I never find out. If that isn't a double whammy, I don't know what is. On that note, I'm off to feed & hug...wishing you an easy living horse-filled day.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

you just never know with horses although it's not common behavior.

I completely understand your lack of blogging enthusiasm. I sometimes go through that too. Hang in there and blog when you can/feel like it.

fernvalley01 said...

you can only do your best , the heartbreak that can come with horses is a huge risk, it seems they can and will injure themselves or one another in a myriad of ways. that said I still believe the benifits of having thenm in our lives far outweighs the risk

C-ingspots said...

My heart breaks for that gal who lost her horse...it's a fear we all carry within our own minds, at least down deep somewhere, because horses are unpredictable and when they decide to strike out, they're very powerful and can inflict severe damage. If you let it, the fear could cripple you. For me, I say a prayer every single morning before leaving that my horses are watched over and protected. So far, so good. Someday we're going to have to face their loss or their death in whatever way it happens. I try to remember to enjoy them and cherish them for the gifts that they are in my life. Just like the people in my life, they too, are temporary. Blessings my friend, and Merry Christmas.

juliette said...

Good luck with all these concerns. It is tough being with horses, but the joy ultimately wins out, I think.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and herd!