another leg?

Everyday I don't get to see her, I ask. Usually I get "she's ok". Last night when I asked how Harmony was the answer I got was different, "sore on another leg". What! another leg? She's only got one left that isn't giving her grief.

She seems to be caught in a vicious cycle of hurt, getting better, and more hurt. Harmony is under vet guidance, and has responded to the various treatments. Her girl does her follow-up care, and does it well. Everyone reminds me it could take many, many months for her to completely heal. I get that, but the traveling cycle of hurt is down right scary. A person has to wonder if one thing isn't causing the other.

After making my point well heard, we got some cow mats to help her be more comfortable while stalled. She get's daily turnout, within her limits, and is a good patient. Better then I would be. Not much else we can do. Winter is looming, and going to complicate things. I sure hope Harmony gets better, sooner then later. Not only for her sake, but for her girl.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh dear, I'd be worried too. I hope Harmony is pain free soon too. What a sweet face and soft eye she has.

aurora said...

Thanks for the kind words!