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I'm pretty excited about the upcoming Midwest Horse Fair for several reasons. They are bringing the Extreme Mustang Challenge back. I'm hopeful enough trainers applied? The past two challenges, I followed training blogs & learned from them. It was heartwarming to see them come full circle as a team, many unable to part with their beloved Mustangs. Amazing things were accomplished in a short period of time.

They have changed numerous things up. Among them, presenters. This year Al Dunning is coming. I've never seen his presentations in person, but if they are anything like his books - they will be good & sensible.

I was happy to see the big Saturday night show change to something beside jumping. I truly enjoyed it the first year, the second not so much. Too repetitive for me. The fair's overall 2012 theme is Horse Heritage, they always do a nice job of working it. Saturdays "Epic Night of the Horse" will be no exception, and should be entertaining. "The audience will take a journey through the past of the horse and witness how horses have shaped the history of nations and the cultures of millions. The evening show will consist of roughly 20 acts with performances ranging from reining to dressage and Spanish horses to jousting. Although the acts are comprised of various genres from the horse world, they will all be connected by a continued storyline." Most acts will be professionals, some will be locals. It's good to mix it up.

An interesting change, is the addition of Taking the Reins a hands on type of event taking place, um in an entirely different month. They are mix-marketing it...not to be confused with Midwest, it is presented by them. I'm sure we will check this new event out, however pretty sure I could do without the Project Cowboy reality "show" portion. Sounds hokey. Maybe it's not? It will likely bring appeal to the younger crowd. Will I watch it? Perhaps, out of curiosity.

Something that hasn't changed is the Friday night PRCA Rodeo, good thing too - we love it!  It's always a highlight.

Midwest is a huge fair, and well worth the trip for travelers. Say what? it isn't until April? Yes, I know - but it's never too early for fact finding & planning!!

ps tickets are already on sale 

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C-ingspots said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I always enjoy your comments. :) Wow, that Midwest show sounds great! I'd love to go. Hope Harmony is doing better. I understand the fear of reinjury and worry that accompanies the healing and waiting time. Fingers crossed for luck!!