Sunday Stills ~ tv shows or movies

The challenge this week was to simply put on your favorite tv show or movie and photograph the show and we can all guess whats on. I wondered if I should try to be tricky, or just capture a character? I won't be guessing much, as I am not a tv (or movie) person. I can think of a gillion things I would rather do then watch tv. However most of my family is, so when eating casually in the family room the tv is on. One show in particular has been on a lot lately, and we've all become fond of this unique colorful character...






Another night this show happened to be on, it's quite unsettling.


Once and a while when I was shooting the tv, I would get some wild colors. I didn't change my settings, and there are no effects/colors added to the photos below. Any idea why? These are also from the second show.



Do you know either of the shows I featured, without looking at the alt tags? I was hoping to also capture American Pickers & if it's a good one RFD TV Sunday am horse shows, but we missed RFD and my personal tv experts said Pickers isn't on until Sunday Night. I like the history in it. Maybe I can guess one of these on someone else's Sunday Stills!


Shirley said...

Don't kow the first one, but the second one is Hoarding, Buried Alive. It's a very disturbing show, because hoarding is more common than you'd think. It's a wonderment how people can get so attached to things to the detriment of their life, and their relationship with their families.

Annette said...

The first one is NCI. I don't watch it but husband does -- all the time! I feel like this actress is part of the family since I see so much of her. :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Abby really makes that show, doesn't she? I'm guessing the second show is Hoarders.

Anonymous said...

The hoarding is unsettling. I've actually been inside a home like that. The garage and cars (3) were just as bad. We love American Pickers too.

allhorsestuff said...

Love that "Abbes"!

achieve1dream said...

Ew the Hoarders show grosses me out so bad! When my pack rat tendencies start to kick in it is wonderful motivation to throw stuff away lol. :) I don't know the other show.

Worknprogress said...

Wow, your photos are really good...i love that second one.

aurora said...

Thank you. Yes, "Abbes" as she is sometimes affectionately called, is endearing, quirky, extremely intelligent...a very expressive character. She does make the show.

The hoarding show is hard to watch, it's very sad. I rarely watch it.