captured moments

Cierra's a ham, and my husbands a good sport letting me take (and post) pictures of him. After I snapped the first photo, he realized I captured them being silly and told Cierra "she wasn't suppose to see that" ohhh but I did, and captured the moment!


Isn't she getting big? She's 9.5 months old already.



Leah Fry said...

She's just a little younger than my Daltrey. They grow so fast.

allhorsestuff said...

That is one sweet shot!
She's a cutie (and so is you're man with her!)

oneoldcowgirl said...

Never know what men are doing when we aren't looking. I wonder if that involved a little baby talk too?

Dreaming said...

Love the 'silly' picture - and having been in the same pose, often, I don't think it is silly at all!
She sure is cute, especially with the appaloosa snow blanket!

aurora said...

Yes, they do Leah.

Tough guys, until it involves an animal. I'm just glad I had already gotten my camera out, before we got in the pasture.