lack of posts

So, perhaps you've noticed a lack of horse related posts? If not, I've noticed for you. I haven't had much interaction, and I'm really missing my boy.  The girls are sweet and all, but it's not the same without Koda. I had grand visions of riding in an indoor arena, and trail riding through fluffy snow...always a dreamer. Hopefully the weather will cooperate on the few upcoming days we can make the trip to visit the boys, and the long awaited rides will eventually come. I'll leave you with a photo from last weekend, not sure what the girls were watching. Amazing how the poop manages to stand out of all the snow we had. Hopefully I'll have a Koda (and Nemo) update next time I post?!

Cierra & Harmony are all ears


Shirley said...

Them're cute horse ears!

Dreaming said...

I am amazed by the snow pile in the background of your picture. That picture makes me feel so fortunate...we don't have nearly that big a pile anywhere in our yard!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things work out for a visit AND a ride!

juliette said...

I am hoping you get in some good Koda time soon! Kiss up your girls and the time will fly!