squeaked one in

It's been almost a week since I've been able to ride for different reasons, mostly Mother Nature related. Southern WI got hit with a storm that flooded our pasture more than usual. It's just been too damn wet to ride anywhere at our place. At least we were able to squeak in a trail ride before the storm hit.

The four of us headed out to brave the mosquitos in the heat of the mid-day sun.
Koda & Nemo did pretty good considering we haven't ridden out in the open for a while. We did have to stop more than once to get the biting nasty's off their face, but there were less pests to swat in the field. The ride ended with a trip along the highway, further than we have ever been. Thankfully the random bubble wrap didn't seem to faze them. Koda got a little anxious when we seperated and headed back home without Brad and Nemo. We circled a couple times, he didn't have a choice, before heading back home. I'm only willing to go as far as the steep hill starts, and the grassy area starts to narrow. It gets too close to the busy highway. They joined us shortly thereafter. Once the crops are down, we should be able to ride all the way up to and around the fields that surround our house - far away from the highway.

Looks like a dry day today, maybe it will be enough for a slow ride tonight? Hope everyone is enjoying their horses!


Jeni said...

Hi Aurora been thinking about you ! Sounds like your ride was non-eventful and that's always good!

aurora said...

Thanks Jeni, I've been thinking about you too. Looking forward to catching up!