the honeymoon is over

Wasn't Koda's best night last night, the honeymoon is officially over. I knew it was going to be an off night when he didn't come up to greet us - and it wasn't. It was one thing after another. He didn't do anything terrible, but did a lot of things he doesn't normally do. First time I've ever seen him step away from fly spray, he usually welcomes getting sprayed.

I thought things would improved because he lunged really well for me, they didn't. I don't think he was feeling 100%, but that doesn't warrant being naughty. I'll give him sluggish, but not naughty. I noticed his poop was on the wet side. He even had a little watery squirt, before everything went back to solid.
Sorry for the visual. Anyone who is not a horse person would find that disgusting, but the rest of us know poop tells all.

Koda fussed putting his bridle on (no surprise there, he hates that thing) and stepped away during mounting. He usually stands like a rock.
He even backed the first time I asked him to trot, and wasn't listening well in general. Koda was acting like a bratty colt, especially when Brad opened the gate and Nemo left the pasture to ride around. Much to his demise, we didn't.

He did end up doing everything I asked, including crossing the large mud puddle the long mucky way. We ended on a good note.
But I still didn't want to take him out on a trail ride. It was a huge bummer. I sooo wanted to go back and ride in that rolling field, but not with a snotty horse. I felt bad for Nemo, he was such a good boy and deserved to go. At least he got to ride around the outside of the pasture exploring, while I dealt with Mr. grumpy. The weather in WI is perfect right now, we don't get many days like we've had this week...and the heat is on it's way. Oh well. The most frustrating part to me is his d*%! backing. He can't back up every time he doesn't want to do something, or finds it scary. I mean really, who wants to go through life backwards - not me! The farrier comes tonight, so the boys will get the night off of riding. I'll try again tomorrow, and hope for a better ride - so maybe we can hit the trail?!


Anonymous said...

Maybe he just did a lot of backing when training, and offers that up when he doesn't know what else to do? Also sounds like he wasn't feeling up to par - ride the horse you have today.

Jeni said...

I'm happy to see the boys are home and you are able to ride every night. Remember every ride you stay in the saddle is a good ride!

fernvalley01 said...

Ooops Koda! Sounds like somebody is trying on a little attitude . Pretty common "colty" stuff" I think its a little bit about getting some confidence and "trying things on" Often esp when they have been out for training they are good as gold for the first while ,then as they gain confidence in themselves and we relax ,they pull some stuff. You did well, especially working through and ending on a good note. It will get better , but don't be too surprised if he has a few off days while you two are re-establishing hierarchy

aurora said...

Good thoughts from everyone, thanks. I'll keep them in mind on the off days :)

Last night when we pulled into the farm, first thing Brad said is "I see Koda is back to himself" as he walked up to the gate to wait for us with that adorable inquisitive look on his face.