this game isn't much fun

The Mudville game goes something like this:

You get XP (experience points) for the following muddy experiences:

1) doing a step-n-slide into the mud
- yell/gasp or drop something in the process, you get bonus points
- slip and fall, moves you to the next game level

2) finding mud all the way up the side of your vehicle
- mud gets on your windows, you get bonus points
- splatter mud onto the vehicle behind you, moves you to the next game level

3) finding your horse is a different color
- brush the mud off, you get bonus points
- break the brush while trying to unsuccessfully brush the caked mud off, moves you to the next game level

4) sharing mud with your dogs
- get muddy paw prints on your clothes, you get bonus points
- slip and fall while trying to stop from getting paw prints on your clothes, moves you to the next game level

You can exchange the XP you’ve earned to enhance your Mudville experience for the following:
- add fog
- add rain
- add cold
- a larger, muddier pasture

Your Mudville friends can gift you:
- sunshine for 8 hours
- dry socks
- dry boots
- a helper to do your muddy chores 1X

Anyone else out there playing the not-so-fun game of Mudville?


JeniQ said...

LOL ! After snow and ice thaw comes mud 'n rains which produces more muds... How I long for DRY ground and mild sunny days.

Jessie said...

HAH! I am a level 5 Mudville MASTER! lol! Today was GORGEOUS though, so I won't complain... it will be dry before we know it... *crosses fingers* :-)

allhorsestuff said...

Too funny(I now You had to do that little ditty to keep from cying)
Not quite yet here...but it soon will come. I did have a childhood memory of a fun mud game though the other day...
If you have the faster horse...you may "Muddify" your friends faces, while galloping up a hill!

aurora said...

Yes, in mud we must wallow before enjoying dry sunny weather - and, it is coming!

Kacy, your muddifying memory sounds like fun - and would most definitely get you to the next level, or at least up the hill!