grand prix riders announced

The Midwest Horse Fair riders for the Nutrena $40,000 Show Jumping Grand Prix have been announced. I’m quite frankly surprised there aren’t any riders from the Madison area, where I thought jumping was prevalent. Guess not, or at least not at this level. I was also surprised to see so many pairs, and in one case triplets, with the same family name get invited from the same location. Perhaps it’s common., but why not spread it out?

Some local radio/TV/Olympian celebrities are training for another jumping event, the Ariat Jumping with the Stars
. These should be entertaining to watch, and learn more about jumping. With that said, the only jumping I have any interest in doing would be over a log on a trail!

The list of riders are posted on the Midwest Horse Fair site


JeniQ said...

I'd love to go to that fair.. just to far away for me this year.

aurora said...

There is always next year :) they have a lot of variety, so much to do & learn - and of course there is the shopping. We take Friday's off now, in an effort to take more in.