30 day training update

We really enjoyed seeing our boys 30 day progress in action this morning! It was their first time in the indoor all week, when the weather is so gorgeous they train outside. Guess they did some pretty good snorting the first day out, enhanced by visiting cranes. Both of our boys were very aware of exactly where we were while they were being worked, but other than some brief hesitation at the gate (especially Koda) they listened well to the trainer. Patty said Nemo was exceptionally well behaved, and calmer then usual. Guess at times he still humps-up his back when they are riding him. Koda on the other hand wasn't having his best day. He never stopped adjusting and fussing with the bit the entire time they worked him. Patty said he usually settles into it better, but does still have a way to go. Nothing to worry about. Can't really see it in the video. They start the young horses with a smooth fat baby snaffle bit, pretty standard. Both Koda & Nemo required extra time working on "giving to the bit", Koda just takes longer to figure things out but when he does he is rock solid. Both boys are about where she expects them to be at 30 days. It was pretty funny when we were done and she said Nemo made her look reeeally good, but Koda sure could have helped her out more lol - she's a great lady with a huge heart, and boatloads of experience. We are happy with their progress, and physically they look great!

It was amazing to see them calmly walk, trot and lope (yes they both had young moments, but they were brief). Patty said the key is they don't make a big deal out of wrong answers. At their age, they really just want them safe and moving freely in a slow controlled manner so they think it's fun to go to work and want to learn more. I was thrilled to see Koda does indeed have a very smooth trot and lope with a rider on him, Nemo not so much. I was so curious to see if they had turned out to be different in action than we thought, but that wasn't the case. They behave and move the same for them as they do us and their personalities haven't changed a bit, altho they are maturing. It was so fun to listen and learn what Patty had to say about our boys and other training in general, she explains everything really well - which is rare. If you ask her a question, she whole-heartedly answers it. Everybody seems to really like Nemo & Koda at Iron Horse, they are very well cared for (all the horses are) we really lucked out!! Enjoy the clips/pics - and I apologize in advance for the "whoops..." quality of the video!

Nemo being warmed-up by Amanda, one of Patty's assistants.

Nemo & Amanda

Nemo & Patty

Patty loping Nemo
Patty & Nemo, job well done.

Koda being warmed-up by Amanda, he looks so short in these pictures.
She never did ride him, probably just timing or maybe he doesn't need as much warm-up?

Patty loping Koda left

Patty loping Koda right

Patty & Koda, job well done.


Anonymous said...

Glad they're coming along so well!

JeniQ said...

They look great for 30 days!

aurora said...

Thanks! We are looking forward to another scheduled training visit this Saturday (outside, weather permitting).

JeniQ said...

Hi aurora I've left you an award! Come on over and get it!: