less than a week

I was surprised to see Harmony get all worked up when we took the boys out of the pasture this morning, so Koda could work on - you guessed it trailer loading. We fed her hay first, but she didn't care - she was less than happy the minute they left the pasture to go...10 feet away (I kid you not). She was a whinny machine, and worked herself into a sweat - is it possible to get so attached in less than a week?? Things are going really well with them all together. We are all loving having her home, she has been a very polite mare - but apparently had a few things to say this morning. Ali came down shortly after to work with her, rode her around a bit and then Harmony got to meet the cows! I think she likes it here.

We continue making progress with the trailer, today Koda loaded on his own repeatedly (maybe he's been watching Nemo?) was more relaxed eating and backed out slowly. It was an unseasonably warm sunny day, enjoyed by all! It's not very often you can say your hot outside in WI in November, hope the weather repeats tomorrow!

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