horses can't read

As you may know, American Quarter Horse Association is offering reduced rates on registration for horses 3 years old and older. We bought Harmony, an unregistered Quarter Horse mare, a few years back and think she deserves to be registered. We feel it's in her best interest for multiple reasons. We didn't do it right away, once they are over three - it's a chunk of change...the AQHA offer is just the incentive we needed to get our girl registered. AQHA Offer

We are well aware of the fact that Harmony won't know the difference, after all she can't
read her papers! She will be the same horse we love, with or without them. However it does add value to the horse and any potential off-spring, and more importantly preserves their lineage. I like the whole idea of knowing my horses background, and find it interesting. Does registration matter to you?
Along with the money and proper forms, we had to submit 5 photos (left side, right side, butt, head and 3/4 views) for markings. Here is my favorite shot of her, altho she looks a little annoyed with the whole thing and would much rather be eating hay with the boys. 



Debbie Vandevelde said...

papers don't really matter to me but i also love to now all i can on the background of my horses, the more info the better it helps us understand horses and their behaviors better.

allaroundhorses said...

I know what you mean. I prefer papers to no papers. Not just for the prestige, but it is nice to know where the horse came from...who bred them, if they have done and breed showing etc. You get that information with papers. Their parents, grandparents and beyond are all known and it is not just your word, it is on file at known institution. So I like papers, but I have unregistered horses too! With some horses like my Arabian...who is probably considered dead to the registry anyways (I think they mark them dead after 25 years old)...I just did not see a reason to transfer her papers especially since I did not even know she had papers until she was 22/23 years old. Sometimes the papers really do not mean anything.