checkin out a trainer

We visited a recommended trainer's facility today ironhorsetrainingcenter. The thought of entrusting something you love so dearly to someone else, is an odd feeling. No one takes care of your animals like you do, and yet we are thinking of what is best for the future of our horses. We could continue basic training on our own, but with winter upon us - it will be limited at best. We haven't been able to do much of any training this fall, with all the mud etc...winter is getting closer. We think they deserve more training experience than we are able to provide them at our current location, so we are entertaining the idea.

A turn of events found us meeting with two assistants, a new one and a more seasoned one, when the trainer was not able to meet with us due to a death in the family. We still went as the assistants will be handling the horses more often than not, it was a
golden opportunity. There were things I liked about the facility and what I heard, and some I wasn't crazy about. We like that they train the owners, not just the horses, to work together. All of the horses were remarkably quiet and seemed content, as did the resident dog and cats - no one was hyped up (yes, I was busy watching all interactions). First place I've heard of feeding 3X a day, it made sense to me and likely contributed to the calm atmosphere. I asked a few questions (okay, so I asked ALOT of questions) they all got answered unhurried, and they welcomed more. We were at the facility a long time, and ended up watching both assistants begin to work a couple horses.

Interestingly enough it looks like we will get to see them again this Sunday at a horse show that we were already planned on attending, hubby reminded me of my strong belief in destiny...we'll see how that interaction goes. We still plan on meeting with the trainer (Patty Johnson) in the near future at her facility. R
ecommended or not, this is something we will take our time deciding and making sure we are comfortable with, before we entrust our beloved horses to anyone.

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