mixed emotions

Today is the day, August 1st. As planned, Cierra is coming home and I find myself with mixed emotions.

Happy, yet a little sad that a door is closing. Seven years away at the trainers living the life of a show horse, consistently being trained. Allll those weekly lessons Brad took with Cierra, becoming a team. They did, but I can't help but feel like there was more for them to experience. A pandemic is such an unplanned odd way to end a show career. Although I don't remotely enjoy anything about the show world, I certainly enjoyed seeing them take on the madness together.

Excited, filled with anticipation. Maybe, just maybe, with Cierra at home we can move onto another chapter. One that includes riding. My dreams for moving to our land included much more then a bed and breakfast for beautiful yard art. It has been over two years since I sat on a horses back. I wonder if and when, more might happen.

Worried, how is this all going to work out? I am most concerned with Harmony. She hasn't seen Cierra since she was whisked away to go live at the trainers. Seven years is a long time, but I think they will remember each other. They were inseparable, but things have changed. Cierra is a full grown powerful mare now. My guess with Harmony being older, she will fall below Cierra in the pecking order. My hope is they will re-bond and herd integration will be a none issue. You can bet I will have my camera ready for their reunion.

Harmony & Cierra (6 months old) 2010

Harmony & Cierra  (6 months old) 2010

Emotional, that sweet sweet girl is finally going to be back with her herd. I said it before and I'll say it again, if our horses couldn't live with us I would want them to live at our trainers. With that said, there is no place like home. At our place she will be out on pasture all day every day, instead of rotation turnout. Being a horse, with other horses. 

Our little herd lived at the "family" farm down the hill from us in 2010
(L-R) Koda, Cierra, Harmony and Nemo

It has been over two years since Koda & Nemo have seen Cierra. Our boys are going to be SO surprised!! I look forward to taking care of her, even if that means cleaning a fourth stall. We are off to go get her. Good grief, I am nervous!!

Next time I type, our herd will be complete. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think they will all remember each other. There may be a little interplay until the herd decides the new pecking order. Although being at a good trainers is nice for a while and she’s learned a lot I’m sure she’d rather be home with her partner Brad and her old friends. It’s a much calmer and natural environment for a horse to live in and she deserves to enjoy being home with the gang. Good luck with all of this and I hope you get to ride soon.

Shirley said...

That will be exciting for sure! And speaking from experience- yes they will remember each other. When Belle and Gussie were reunited after years apart they instantly bonded again. Bff's forever!
I look forward to some of your excellent photos!

Linda said...

I look forward to the update! It’s usually dramatic for a little while. I have found, though, that their bonds are often reignited, even after long absences. It’s always a little scary. Our Cowgirl went off to training, and when she came back, Beautiful Girl challenged her and kicked her in the leg, damaging her back tendon. She has been on stall rest for a month and it’s still not completely healed. Very frustrating. But most horses aren’t like BG and don’t fight to the death.