pasture feeder

We finally chose a pasture feeder that we think will best fit our horses & set-up. Our main priority, besides safety, was finding one that would keep hay off our sandy soil. We also wanted the option to use a slow feed net with it. Many feeders do both but it was harder to find a covered feeder, to block some of the elements. 

This Farmco feeder seemed the sturdiest, and loads from the side instead of the end:

It sure would have come in handy with the crazy winter we are having. Unfortunately they don't sell them anywhere near us, and they also don't stock them. We are waiting on their manufacturing schedule. Nothing is easy, or fast!! We will just enjoy it all the more whenever it does make it's way to us, especially our horses. The next time I post about a feeder, I hope there will be three horses eating from it!!!

In the meantime here is a pic from yesterday of our two big bad appaloosas huddled in the shed, while our older girl munches away peacefully...

L-R (Harmony, Koda, Nemo)


Grey Horse Matters said...

It looks like a great feeder that everyone will enjoy. Hope they get it to you sooner than later.

C-ingspots said...

Those appys are just smarter than your average "bear" aren't they? :)
Looks like a great feeder to me. Hope it works well.

Linda said...

Very nice! I like the top to keep rain and snow off. The run in shed looks like a hit!

Shirley said...

Looks like a good quality feeder. I like that it's low to the ground.